Jan 15 2023.

This used to be a page discussing some stuff from this book.

The Theory That Would Not Die: How Bayes' Rule Cracked the Enigma Code, Hunted Down Russian Submarines, and Emerged Triumphant from Two Centuries of Controversy

The aspects were mostly mathematics, mostly Bayes, a little bit of number theory.
Then it got to string theory and ZK, so I decided to remove the page. I am in USA. SFBA.
There are plenty of other pages on this website, that are more conventional.

Jan 19 2023.

Some people say it's about expansion.
Some people say it's about perfection.
Some people pretend the choice does not matter.
It does matter.

  • How Redditors Exposed The Stock Market | The Problem With Jon Stewart - has a nice diagram(s) (and overall good explanation of what was happening).
  • Infinitesimal: How a Dangerous Mathematical Theory Shaped the Modern World.
  • Do only what only you can do - Dijkstra
  • Their book is frequentist book
  • Cornell is a monopoly

    Also Wolfram. And most important of all is "The Unfinished Game" by Keith Devlin.

    Jan 21 2023.

    I figured out how openai chat works.
    It's a variation on a few things.

    Jan 26 2023.

    What used to cost $4K is now worth $10 Bln. Another thing that used to cost $4K now costs around $100.
    Price discovery for *complex* stuff is no more.