Mar 04 2023.

Had to re-do the page again

Jan 15 2023.

This used to be a page discussing some stuff from this book.

The Theory That Would Not Die: How Bayes' Rule Cracked the Enigma Code, Hunted Down Russian Submarines, and Emerged Triumphant from Two Centuries of Controversy

The aspects were mostly mathematics, mostly Bayes, a little bit of number theory.
Then it got to string theory and ZK, so I decided to remove the page. I am in USA. SFBA.
There are plenty of other pages on this website, that are more conventional.

Jan 19 2023.

Some people say it's about expansion.
Some people say it's about perfection.
Some people pretend the choice does not matter.
It does matter.

  • How Redditors Exposed The Stock Market | The Problem With Jon Stewart - has a nice diagram(s) (and overall good explanation of what was happening).
  • Infinitesimal: How a Dangerous Mathematical Theory Shaped the Modern World.
  • Do only what only you can do - Dijkstra
  • Their book is frequentist book
  • Cornell is a monopoly

    Also Wolfram. And most important of all is "The Unfinished Game" by Keith Devlin. Jan 31 2023.

    Firgured out a way to improve on Wolfram. Nonfungible MR.

    Feb 04 2023.

    Latest (GNU) Linux distributions are in direct violation of UNIX social protocols. BSD is not.
    You follow that track and you find the one and only guy on this planet who is working on your code for the last 30 years.

    Feb 11 2023.

    Yes, the divide between BSD (which is UNIX) and (GNU) Linux started on systemd. Introduced in 2010.

    Feb 18 2023.

    In some territories the words "mad" and "crazy" can no longer be used (by decree, of course). Can't make this stuff up.

    Nostra gives hope.

    Yes, the smartest GNU peoplez *still* don't underdstand how to use classic UNIX tooling so they re-implement some weird offsprings that are subsets basically. netcat is hard to figure out, but it provides everything one might ever need. Via coproc.

    Feb 19 2023.

    The stuff lawyers started in EU is really easy to read, but I can not possibly write about that stuff here.

    I am optimistic about the future of the planet, after watching recent Oscar Shorts (plenty was GPT generated, but it does not matter). What matters is that I remember very well the Oscar Shorts that we watched in this area long time ago and *this* future is *way* better that the *previous* future. Yes, might be hard to belive looking at modern EU, but modern EU degenerates in management are all temporary. Their money feed had been cut off already. Bottom line - (average) planet's future looks surprisingly good.

    Feb 24 2023.

    Should write about simple stuff.

    Feb 26 2023.

    Since .22 Ubuntu is no use, basically.

    Mar 09 2023.

    Several years ago one guy from the north mistyped his email on some website. (He typed my email instead of his). So for a few years now I am getting the emails that are sent to that email. It's amazing really. That email got re-sold several times, so all those spammers are sending the spam that is "his" and they are sending it to me thinking, that I am him. Need to change emails every few years, I think. In the past could move, but since 2008 moving around is basically not possible in the USA.

    Mar 13 2023.

    'tee' should have been the property of the OS/kernel, *not* the fancy trick in userspace. Similarly to 'use strict' being default. (The only thing Larry regrets. And he is correct regretting that) This means UNIX story is not over. Not over at all.

    Mar 18 2023.

    First outage that was 1 week long. Fish died in a fish tank.

    The expert-system-as-virus program "Animals" (pretext to chatgpt) spread very fast and exhausted all existing computer resources. I can not find anything about this program. 70s are baaack. First question the system asked was "Is this a cat?"

    Mar 19 2023.

    2035. Germany, Italy, Czechia, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Hungary (gas/no gas battle)

    Mar 20 2023.

    When in doubt - take the approach that Kolmogorov or Dijkstra would take. Ironically, I used to study with a guy, who had to reinvent Dijkstra's algorithm and the guy did it realtime. The amount of wasted effeciency on this planet since 70-90s is mind boggling. 'Study' was just one year in normal high school. The last year that high school had to live.

    Mar 21 2023.

    So that battle Mark Twain had with Linotype ... The same battle Bogart had in African Queen. They both used the same approach. No wonder Einstein was cloned from Twain.

    Munich betrayal : check. (September 30, 1938). Hitler and Stalin kissing : check. Molotov - Ribbentrop Pact was 1939. August 23.


    "It is generally considered that, in Europe, World War II started on 1 September 1939, beginning with the German invasion of Poland and the United Kingdom and France's declaration of war on Germany two days later on 3 September 1939".

    Mar 22 2023.

    At the bottom of everything that happens last 6 years is a little theorem from boolean algebra. High school level.

    Mar 24 2023.

    Everything about Ukraine situation had been predicted in a comedy released in 1995 (*almost* 20 years before the escalation, effectively. The *exact* year was +19). *If* this rule works on other (key) comedies, the materialization of the cycle for US will be 2025. Currently the scenario in US works *exactly* how it was pictured in that key comedy. So the match keeps going for 17 years already. That's a *strong* match. Change of the trend in the last 2 years of a cycle is very unlikely. I don't think comedies will be *that* popular of a genre after Ukraine.

    Mar 25 2023.

    RIP Gordon Moore. Andrew Grove left us in 2016. Fred Brooks died in 2022. John Conway in 2020. Dijkstra died in 2002. He could have lasted these 20 years. Like they all did. The *only* person still alive is Niklaus Wirth. We're not in Kansas anymore. Donald Knuth is (of course) still alive. He figured it all out *very* early.

    Mar 28 2023.

    Now about this Prolog thing. Took me 30+ years to understand why it exists. Most of the books about it are misleading the reader big time. As a result, this ML/AI tensorflow phase is (of course) a distraction. Once you got *really* good sensors, you need no Bayes, basically. You need Prolog.

    Mar 29 2023.

    The NN pipeline can not possibly be assessed by human. Yes, it would be ... unusual ... when they start deploying those things into nuclear reactors, say.

    Mar 31 2023.

    The most important stuff is openly available on the internet. Reading from internet is "ok". Writing to internet - that's whole different story. Explains HTTP battle around GET/PUT (which is *not* POST)

    I will not be updating the math page for a while. The trend I detected on March 24 has been escalated all over the country in April. Including where I live, of course. I can not be re-doing the page every month. So let's freeze it.

    Apr 17 2023.

    Tensorflow is Bayes on steroids, as a matter of fact. Anybody, who expects this stack to produce much reasonable stuff is rather delusional. But then again, one should be delusional to think that talking to Chat GPT or some other troll / spammer might produce much value. Having said that - it *is* possible to produce value from pretty much any external signal. No contradiction.

    Apr 26 2023.

    The stuff that I written here one month ago. It's confirmed by fresh issue of Wired. New generation of semiconductors goes production in 2025 and the (only) question is if it goes production in AZ at all. 92% of world's chips is made in Taiwan. It's like 75% of the Internet went down during a disaster in one of Irish Datacenters. Not to talk about the world's finanical system that is being yanked continuously since 2016 from one other Island. (And since 2008 before that - from another Island). 8 years of Obama + 8 years of Trump equals 2024.

    May 3 2023.

    Some people need complex timespace transforms, some other people can get by with TZ tricks.

    May 7 2023.

    Yes, Tensorflow is a joke. Interestingly, it comes from the same body that brought us Hadoop. Which is also a joke. Notice a pattern?

    May 9 2023

    Figured out why To Be Or Not To Be is rather precise answer to Pascal's wager. English is a weapon. More than anything else.

    May 16 2023

    Clearly "Free Fall" is head and shoulders above everything he wrote (obvious from just a few quotes), but he will only be rememebered by "Lord of the Flies" (1954) (which got him the bag of money and was (over)promoted grossly). But then again "Lord of the Flies" (and "The Country of the Blind" 1904) are the best depictions of modern world. Somehow.

    Here is the fresh concept. A cell phone that will not try to spy on you, will not be able to steal money from you, basically, the phone that does some simple, but positive stuff. I might put one together, actually. In time.

    May 17 2023

    They're trying to repeat Y2K scare. Would they be able to do it? I don't think they would be able. Because can't scare stupid.

    May 18 2023

    If one day you feel really good about some of your work, just spend a few minutes reading the list of names engraved into Eiffel Tower and what those guys did just a few centuries ago.

    May 22 2023

    LLM is no big deal. It's stemming + Prolog. Just don't use NN steroids and you will be fine.